Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter with your loved ones.

We enjoyed a quiet day of rest and spending time with each other.
There may have also been peanut butter eggs involved ;)

We also thought of you and chose a special for this week…

Cuzco and Blitzen are 20% off this week!!!
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Cuzco by Kate Spain... I can't get enough of all of the purple in this line!
Blitzen By Basic Grey

 We have Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls, Charms, Fat Quarter Bundles and more!
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Stunning Blitzen Quilt I found online...

I didn't make this particular quilt (I found the pic online) but I have made this pattern before.

Blitzen "Picnic" Quilt from Scrap-Basket Sensations by Kim Brackett.

I LOVE this book!
The patterns all use 2 1/2" strips and are perfect for jelly rolls!

This is the version I made using Scrap-Basket Sensations by Kim Brackett.
I'm definitely feeling inspired to make another!
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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cute Easter Project

HeatnBond just sent me a link to this fun Spring Bunny Pillow! 
Click on the picture or follow the link below for free instructions for this darling project!

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break Wrap Up

If you read my last post, you know I’ve had grand plans this past week during Spring Break.

I’ve been happily sewing away and while I didn’t quite get the top done, I did finish making all of the blocks!
There are 56 Ohio Star blocks so I'm pretty proud of the progress I made this week :)

In between rounds of piecing, I’ve been working on homework for the three classes I’m taking right now: Philosophy, History and Math.
I really have enjoyed the pre-Civil War US History class… the rest of it…well, I subscribe to the “if-you-can’t say-anything-nice-don’t-say-anything-at-all” attitude so I’m keeping quiet.

Being able to play work with fabric in between homework assignments, term papers and tests is keeping me sane. I’m excited to be finishing this top soon and I can’t wait to dive into the next project! I’m always ready to start a new one so a lot of discipline is required to keep me on track!
What I'm playing with next!!!
One exception to the no-starting-new-projects-til-the-last-one-is-done rule is a project I’ve been working on with my kids at school.
Every 2 weeks at my school (the one I work at, not the one I’m attending) we pick new enrichment activities to do with the students. I decided to show the kids how to hand-piece a nine patch. 
I was a little skeptical about their abilities (and their attention spans) but I had several 3rd-5th graders sign up for the project and guess what? They were almost all boys!!!

They have really impressed me with how well they’ve been doing, especially because they only have an hour to work on it each day for 2 weeks. I drew lines on the back for them to sew on and showed them how to match up the pieces and they have really worked hard! Most of them finished their block before the break and the rest should finish up today… then I’m going to show them how to turn it into a pillow :)
Can you believe this was pieced by an 8-year-old-boy???
Here's the back, see his cute stitches? :)
If you’re ready to start a new project, be sure to take advantage of this week’s special…
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Well, Spring Break may be over but at least that means the house is clean (the kids even cleaned the carpets!), we’re all rested and the yard looks better…
Spring is here and my irises are coming up!

Got these from my sweet MIL... now they're taking over!

Here's the pillow all done. I'm so proud of him! I did simple crosshatch quilting on it and he stuffed it and whip-stitched it closed. 
He left hugging his new pillow :)

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break

Spring Break is off to a great start!
The Spring Cleaning is done and I didn’t even lift a finger! Everything is sparkling… even the kitchen cabinets all got cleaned and are gleaming like brand new!
How was this all done while I did nothing, you ask?


Sometimes having five kids really pays off ;)

Ok, and a husband who was in the Navy and knows how to get things in “ship shape”. 
Even the garage got swept, cleaned and organized!

I wasn’t exactly sitting around doing nothing while Operation “Ship Shape” was going on… I was at a sleepover.

Admittedly, less hard than cleaning the whole house. 
And garage.

I did feel slightly guilty as I was leaving and I heard my husband say “This is not a Liberty Port, it’s a Working Port” and he started assigning tasks.
(Don’t worry, the guilty feeling went away quickly.)

So I’m sure you are wondering what I was doing at a sleepover… No, not with a bunch of giggling teenage girls. 
I’m too mature for that.

It was a bunch of awesome, rowdy ladies from my quilt guild!

Twice a year, the ladies get together for a mini retreat at a local hotel for the whole weekend.
There is sewing, games, food and fun for 2 full days and nights! Is that not the best thing you’ve ever heard of???

I only went for one afternoon and not only was it productive 
(I finished 12 more blocks on the star quilt!), 
it was an absolute blast!

Next time I’m staying the night!!!
(even though I heard some people were “shushed” by management in the wee hours of the morning. You know who you are.)

While I was away, my husband cleaned, managed and took inventory. Look what he came across…

Monster Bash Layer Cakes by Sandy Gervais
blue Ooh La La Fat Quarter Bundles from Bunny Hill
Panel included in the Bundle

Free Pattern included in this Bundle
These lovelies weren’t listed yet so he got them listed and we’re going to make them our special this week!
We’re marking them down 20% this week only, 
March 18th – March 24th 2013

We’ve also changed our shipping minimum…
Instead of getting free shipping with a $100 order, 
now a $50 order qualifies for free shipping in the US!

So hurry over to the website and do some shopping. 
I’ll be right here sewing up a storm, basking in the scent of the Murphy’s Oil my girls cleaned the kitchen with. 
(I’m pretty sure that’s what Heaven smells like. That and fresh baked bread.) 
I’ll take breaks to fill your orders and do some homework but I plan on getting this quilt top done this week!

Happy Spring Break!!!

Oh, If you'd like to see the free pattern included with the Papillon Bundle, here's a link to it on Moda's website. It's the second quilt but go ahead and print the PDF... I love them both!
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Shameless Publicity

I belong to a small quilt guild, High Desert Community Quilters, that sews for charities in our local community. We meet on the second Saturday of the month and sew, quilt, talk (and eat).
That's my foot on the right. I was busy doing the "talking" part.
We make quilts and small gifts for two organizations (and a few others but these are the main ones) Quilts of Valor and Gift of Love. Many of you are already familiar with Quilts of Valor, an organization that gives quilts to our Military Veterans. Gift of Love is a program which donates quilts (and a TON of other stuff) to victims of domestic violence through the San Bernardino Sherriff’s Department. I feel so honored and blessed to work with the fantastic people who give so much of themselves to help others.

Sampler made by volunteers
My Veteran hubby quilted this one!
Presentation bags (the quilt is gifted with a Patriotic pillowcase)
 When our group met this past Saturday and we found out that we are going to be featured in a local magazine… we’re excited to get a little bit of publicity so people can see what we’re about. I’ll keep you posted and let you when the article comes out!

I also want to let you know about our
fantastic special this week! All of our Fat Quarter Bundles have free shipping!

From our Bundles of Eight to Full-line Bundles, all bundles ship FREE!
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Boo Crew Dessert Roll

The special this week also includes 5 new lines from Moda! Winter’s Lane, Posh Pumpkins, Boo Crew, Christmas Countdown and Shades of Black.
Shades of Black Jelly Roll

Winter's Lane FQ Bundle
Winter's Lane FQBundle includes a pillow panel!

 Panel included in Christmas Countdown
Fat Quarter Bundle

Some of the Fat Quarter Bundles in these new lines include panels! We have them on order but these lines aren't due to be released for a few months so get them now while you can!

We also have some fun new temporary tattoos and car decals in stock; don’t miss out on these amusing little ways to display your hobby. I know which one is going on my car!!!

This one is mine!!!

This will make you look like quite a  a quilt rebel ;)

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Pretty Project included...

Ahhh… Monday. Have you ever noticed how sneaky Mondays are? I’m pretty sure the weekend was supposed to be a little longer…

This weekend was full of errands and homework, sadly not much time for quilting :( The good news is that I have a math test out of the way and I even managed to pass it!

I’m sure this week will only get better… 5 new lines from Moda’s Sample Spree will be here by the end of this week! I want to make something with them all!!!
Winter's Lane
Posh Pumpkins
Boo Crew
Christmas Countdown

Shades of Black

 With new fabric on its way, I looked through my stock to find a great bundle I could share this week

 I absolutely adore the soft, floral, Frenchness (is that a real adjective?) of this line with the blue, red, cream and grey palette... it's so relaxing and stunning at the same time.

There are still Fat Eighth Bundles available of this classy line and we are throwing in a yard of coordinating fabric FREE (you get to choose from 3 co-ordinating fabrics) with the purchase of an Etchings Fat Eighth Bundle! These Bundles also include a
FREE Project Sheet!

To make the project as shown (quilt is 56"x62"), you'll need:

Also, a Fit to be Geese ruler is recommended to make the Flying Geese units. I LOVE this ruler!!!

There’s not too many of these bundles left so hurry and get yours before they run out!
Special valid March 4th – March 10th 2013 while supplies last…

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