Thursday, November 22, 2012

Feeling Grateful...

I couldn't let this day go by without sharing some things I'm thankful for...

I'm blessed with a wonderful family and fantastic kids. No really, they are amazing, teenagers and all!

I have wonderful friends and I even get to see them once in a while! (No worries friends, the semester is almost over and then I get to be a participant in life again. Until next semester starts...)

I have the opportunity to return to school and a family that supports and encourages me to learn and grow... you are the best!

I have everything I could possibly need in life and extras, too :)

I have fabric (lots of fabric!) and sewing machines and everything I need to create fabric-y goodies. All the toys this girl needs :)

I have a supportive husband who doesn't think I'm crazy on most days and seems to get as excited as I am when I show him a finished project. Maybe the motivation is different (Ooo, maybe she'll cook dinner tonight!), but I still enjoy seeing him happy with the things I make!

I'm grateful for the friends I've made on my quilting journey. I've met some amazing people and I'm humbled by the talent and kind spirits I've come across, both in person and through blogs, websites, etc. You are all inspiring!!!

Hope you have all had a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

(I have still been sneaking in some quilting projects around homework and I'll have some pics to share soon! Thanks for hanging in there, the semester is almost over!!!)

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