Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy (almost) Halloween! 

I love holidays but Halloween is extra's my youngest son's birthday! 
Happy (almost) Birthday, Kyle!

This year Halloween feels more like Christmas to me..I just got presents in the mail! Well, maybe not presents exactly, but it sure feels like it!

Ruby yardage is here! I have six beautiful bolts of Ruby, just waiting for the perfect home! She is so pretty with her Retro feel and luscious colors: ruby, aqua and green are balanced with soft creams and grays...Gorgeous!
I also received the long-awaited I Heart Cute Bots in blue...this is some seriously stinkin' cute fabric!
For those of you who have asked about longarm quilting, it should be listed on the website soon! You'll be able to browse through a flip-book to see our quilting patterns, too! 

We have tons of new pre-cuts, too! Be sure to check out our website @ for fat quarter bundles, layer cakes and jelly rolls! Butterscotch and Roses by Joanna Figuroa,  Late Bloomers by Sandy Gervais, Blueberry Crumb Cake by Blackbird Designs and more are here and ready to be stitched up into some scrumptious Christmas gifts! Use coupon code GRANDOPENING10 for 10% off your entire purchase!

appreciate all of the encouragement and sweet comments from everyone; I feel so blessed having so much support from my wonderful friends and family! You guys are the best!!!


Monday, October 10, 2011!

WooHoo!!! Finally get to share my big news...drum roll, please.... is officially official! It's a real store and everything!
It's stocked with fabric, quilt kits and patterns. There are pre-cuts like jelly rolls and layer cakes and all kinds of deliciousness... I'm soooo excited! 
There's a lot more fabric and stuff on it's way but couldn't wait to get started! I'll just keep adding to it! 

 I'm constantly shopping for fabric and quilting supplies and one day it just hit me: I need my own quilt store! I told my husband this and he told me I have plenty of fabric wisely agreed. So, I started contacting fabric manufacturers and this is the result! Have I mentioned how excited I am? You can share in all of this excitement, too! Use coupon code GRANDOPENING10 during checkout for 10% off your purchase!

I got an Accuquilt Studio to make kits...I can't believe how fast I can cut out a quilt with this! So amazing!

I'll still be longarm quilting and making custom quilts, too...I can't think of a happier way to stay busy! 

Now you get busy, too! Go check out
...I'm off to make more kits... 


Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's been awhile but I'm still here!

Ok, ok, I know I've been neglecting my blog. I could give you all kinds of excuses but they'd be just that: excuses. So rather than whining about how busy I've been, I'll just share a few of the things I've been up to in the last six weeks...SIX WEEKS since I've blogged??? Ummmm...does "I'm sorry" take care of my apologies? It does? Phew! You're the best!!!

First, I'd like to share a quilt that my quilt guild pieced (& I got to quilt!) for The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Inland Empire Affiliate. I think they are auctioning it off today here or on October 4th here I'm so excited; hope it raises TONS of money for breast cancer research!

Just a small sample of the many blocks pieced by the fantastic ladies of Victor Valley Piece Corps...beautiful work ladies!

I've worked on a few other quilts as well & if I just picked one to share it would be this...
How stinkin' cute is this? I pieced it from  Kim Brackett's Scrap-Basket Sensations and used Connecting Threads fabrics. Then I quilted a leaves pattern all over in cream thread. It was a gift for a friend of my sister's for a very special birthday...Happy Birthday Amy!

There's a lot more coming in my next post...I'll be better this time, promise! There is some big (HUGE, GIGANTIC, COLOSSAL) news I'd love to share but I need to wait another week.
(I am NOT pregnant!)
See you then!