Thursday, April 18, 2013


Making progress but not quite done yet...

I may still switch a few rows around but this is what I'm leaning toward. Now to keep going with the sashing!

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another pillow done by one of my students, this one by a 10-year old girl. 
I forgot to get pictures of all of them but out of the 10 students that started, 4 actually finished... and 3 of them were boys!!! 
Take that, subjective gender roles!!!

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring Break, Part II

At the finish line!
Sadly, not with this quilt. It has been sitting in its little project box staring at me accusingly for two weeks :(

I tried to get it done over Spring Break and I put in a valiant effort; all 56 of the blocks got pieced and pressed and are waiting for sashing which is cut out and ready to go.

But there’s this thing called homework. Many of you know that I’m back in school. I don’t know what silliness prompted me to take 8-week classes this semester 
(oh yeah, that whole idea that I could knock out a few classes…fast!) 
but I just finished finals and while I earned an “A” in history 
(I’m still waiting on my Philosophy grade), 
this poor quilt has been sadly neglected.

That situation is about to change. Spring Break, Part II is here!
This time Break is from “school” school, not “work” school. So while I still have to go to work at the elementary school every afternoon, I get to spend my morning’s star-gazing :)

After the mad race to the finish line with multiple finals-week projects due on Saturday, I got a small break to help get this girl ready for Prom...
This girl is excited!!!

(Please don't look at her date. I didn't get his permission to post his pic yet... ;P )

I also got some much needed down-time yesterday.
My hubby took me antiquing and we found some amazing stuff!
My favorite is this hand-quilted, crib-size beauty! 
Only $40, can you believe it???

So now I need to decide to wash, or not to wash… 
what do you think?
I have some Retro Clean, a fantastic quilt cleaner that I’ve had great results with and I’m definitely leaning towards washing it but I’m unsure of the age of this quilt. It is in pretty good shape so I think a nice, gentle soak should be fine…any thoughts?

Well that’s it for now. I’m off to a guild meeting and then the store. Not much in the way of food around this house and the kids think they should get to eat every single day…

…and then some time to “play” quilt before I head to work!

Oh, be sure to check out the special this week at the shop…
25% off Flora, Cattails and Clover and Chateau Rouge.
( I may have spelled Rouge “Rogue” in the newsletter but you didn’t notice, did you? ;P )

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