Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Flowers

Spring flowers are here but maybe not quite the ones you were thinking of...
This pillow was put together with flowers made from this fantastic template!

I discovered these templates at the International Textile Expo in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and I couldn't resist ordering some to share! (Ummm....busted! Yup, I was in Vegas over Spring Break and I have neglected blogging. Again.)
Anyway...these little cuties are made by Clover Needlecraft. I know many of you are already familiar with Clover but I didn't realize just how much awesome stuff that they make! In addition to these flower templates (and their super amazing Kanzashi flower templates- these are on their way and will be added soon!), they also have this fantastic new doohickey...
...that makes AMAZING jewelry like this!

This fantastic little tool makes it sooooo fast to make a gorgeous necklace or bracelet! Just add some beads to thread, floss or yarn and whip one of these up in a few hours! My girls have really sensitive skin and can't wear metal (unless it's Platinum and that's not gonna happen!) so I'm excited that we can make them jewelry that they aren't allergic to!
(Two of my girls are going to Prom next weekend and I see some beautiful new necklaces in their futures :)

So you can see I've been out finding more stuff to share...head on over to and check out our new finds! We still have limited quantities of Blitzen and Vintage Modern pre-cuts available,too...hurry and buy yours before the Moda Sample Spree runs out! Visit the Patterns page too, because some fun new patterns have been added! While you're there, make sure you sign up for our newsletter...I always share a special or include coupon codes in our newsletter so you can get even better deals :)

Oh, I almost forgot....I'll have some pics to share soon of a Luscious project underway :)

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