Tuesday, October 2, 2012


It would appear that despite all of my promises to do better I am turning into a bad once-a-month-blogger. I'm not going to wallow in self-pity or try to apologize (again), I'm just going to load up some pics and show you the last month...

Fortunately, my phone has a decent camera or I wouldn't even have these pics! (Note to self: please remember camera once in a while.)

(Maybe the 8-year work-in-progress???)

In my last post, I bragged about the borders going on my 7-year-work-in-progress quilt. Well the borders happened but, alas, the quilting is only partially completed. We got started but some other projects came in that had higher priority. 

Like this sweet little quilt...

Two of the sweetest ladies contacted me last week and told me about a quilt top they had made for a friend who was having surgery. The only catch was her surgery was less than a week away and they needed the quilting done quickly. How could I say no??? They wanted butterflies all over because their friend believes that butterflies represent angels. See?! Sweetest ladies and thoughtful friends :)
Minky back with Butterfly quilting
Unfortunately, in the midst of trying to pick up this quilt for them, my poor car decided to not co-operate and quit while I was in the middle of driving. (Honestly, a bit scary!) Fortunately, I was only a few blocks from home and not on the freeway yet! 
After 10 years of driving this beast around, we decided it was time to trade into something smaller. The poor man that showed up to tow it to the mechanic didn't seem too impressed with putting 2 tons of Excursion on the back of his truck!

So with the all of the craziness of regular everyday life like school, work, cleaning plus a rush job and picking out a new car, things have been a bit chaotic. But the good news is the new car starts when I turn the key (no cajoling or sweet words required ;P) and the recipient of the quilt came through her surgery with a better prognosis than expected. Angels were watching over everyone this week :)

Oh! The show went great! We had a wonderful time, my girls came and helped me and I think our booth turned our amazingly adorable! (No, we can never cook in the painted BBQ but it was worth it!)

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