Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break

Spring Break is off to a great start!
The Spring Cleaning is done and I didn’t even lift a finger! Everything is sparkling… even the kitchen cabinets all got cleaned and are gleaming like brand new!
How was this all done while I did nothing, you ask?


Sometimes having five kids really pays off ;)

Ok, and a husband who was in the Navy and knows how to get things in “ship shape”. 
Even the garage got swept, cleaned and organized!

I wasn’t exactly sitting around doing nothing while Operation “Ship Shape” was going on… I was at a sleepover.

Admittedly, less hard than cleaning the whole house. 
And garage.

I did feel slightly guilty as I was leaving and I heard my husband say “This is not a Liberty Port, it’s a Working Port” and he started assigning tasks.
(Don’t worry, the guilty feeling went away quickly.)

So I’m sure you are wondering what I was doing at a sleepover… No, not with a bunch of giggling teenage girls. 
I’m too mature for that.

It was a bunch of awesome, rowdy ladies from my quilt guild!

Twice a year, the ladies get together for a mini retreat at a local hotel for the whole weekend.
There is sewing, games, food and fun for 2 full days and nights! Is that not the best thing you’ve ever heard of???

I only went for one afternoon and not only was it productive 
(I finished 12 more blocks on the star quilt!), 
it was an absolute blast!

Next time I’m staying the night!!!
(even though I heard some people were “shushed” by management in the wee hours of the morning. You know who you are.)

While I was away, my husband cleaned, managed and took inventory. Look what he came across…

Monster Bash Layer Cakes by Sandy Gervais
blue Ooh La La Fat Quarter Bundles from Bunny Hill
Panel included in the Bundle

Free Pattern included in this Bundle
These lovelies weren’t listed yet so he got them listed and we’re going to make them our special this week!
We’re marking them down 20% this week only, 
March 18th – March 24th 2013

We’ve also changed our shipping minimum…
Instead of getting free shipping with a $100 order, 
now a $50 order qualifies for free shipping in the US!

So hurry over to the website and do some shopping. 
I’ll be right here sewing up a storm, basking in the scent of the Murphy’s Oil my girls cleaned the kitchen with. 
(I’m pretty sure that’s what Heaven smells like. That and fresh baked bread.) 
I’ll take breaks to fill your orders and do some homework but I plan on getting this quilt top done this week!

Happy Spring Break!!!

Oh, If you'd like to see the free pattern included with the Papillon Bundle, here's a link to it on Moda's website. It's the second quilt but go ahead and print the PDF... I love them both!
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  1. AWESOME!!! Your minions need to train my minions!