Monday, June 10, 2013

An (almost) finish and a new start...

Getting ready to start a new quilting adventure!

I'm just about finished with this beauty... 
only needs the binding!
I'm doing the binding by hand so it'll take a bit of time but it will be well worth the effort!
 While the Star quilt was being quilted...

I was busy cutting little piles of curved pieces!
It's so cute already I just want to dive on in!!!
I'm making the new Metro Rings by Jenny Pedigo of 
Sew Kind of Wonderful.
If you don't have her ruler yet boy you are missing out!!! 

I can't believe how fast I cut this quilt out... or how fun it was! 
Usually I'm not much for the cutting part, I'd rather skip ahead to the piecing. 
This wonderful ruler is magic and it makes the work fun as you amaze yourself with cut after perfect curved cut!!!

After the binding is done on the Star quilt, I'll be piecing away... I'll let you know how it goes!

btw... schools out, grades are in and it looks like I got a 4.0 for the semester!!!
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