Wednesday, May 29, 2013

All about May

May has been a memorable month… so much has happened!
At the beginning of the month, my hubby and I drove to
Southern Utah to see my twin sister graduate with her
Bachelor’s Degree in Education (go Joyce!!!)
Me and my twin

It was wonderful to spend some time without the kids and just relax and have some fun :)

Little did I know that while I was letting my guard down my boys were plotting against me…

Kids being kids, they decided to roll around in germs and get sick. Like really sick.

(I’m sure they planned it to make me feel bad for leaving them at home… that’s what my “mom guilt” is telling me anyway.)

Well some tender, loving care and one of them was all better.
The other one was not.

Several trips to the doctor resulted in lots of advice, but no cure.
We had a miserable teenage boy on our hands.

He went from eating his own body-weight three times per day to not eating anything. Which resulted in a 12# weight loss.
(Which resulted in the desire to get the stomach flu by all of the ladies in the house ;P )

After missing school for three weeks, we decided to pull him out for the last week-and-a-half of the school year. 
He has pretty good grades so he won’t have to repeat anything next year.

Of course, a few days later he was starting to feel better.
Which led us all to believe that he was just sick of school.

Well everyone is on the mend now.
(The girls got it, too, but were regrettably too healthy for it to take much of a hold; they were feeling better in just a few days and no weight loss was recorded.)

My school work and laundry have kept me busy but I was finally able to finish piecing this quilt this past weekend. 
Finally all pieced! 
We made up for everything else that we missed this month by having a three-day marathon quilting event that finished off with a trip to the county fair.

We had the privilege of helping out at the fair in the Quilts of Valor booth on Memorial Day… it was wonderful to be able to share the message of such a worthy cause.

Oh, the new website is coming along great! It won’t be too much longer now…

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