Monday, June 4, 2012

Thinking about Christmas...

It’s June and that means that Summer’s officially here and flowers are blooming, grass is being mowed, kids are swimming and BBQ’s are happening all over the country…perfect time to relax, kick back and think about my Christmas projects!

The kids don’t know it yet but I’ve made a plan to keep up with all of my regular activities and still make a quilt for each of them for Christmas. Having 5 children means that kind of plan requires über stealthy execution: they all think I just have a few extra custom quilts on my plate ;) It’s even more fun when I have them picking out their own fabrics and they don’t even know it! They are so used to me asking their advice on quilting designs that they don’t think anything of me showing them fabric combinations for their own quilts! I hope I can manage to surprise them while I make these right under their noses ;D

So far I have ideas and fabrics for the girls; the boys are going to take a little more effort and undercover work as teenage and nearly teenage boys are surprisingly not all that interested in fabric selections…
Etchings for Kimberley
Vintage Modern for Kathrine
Flora for Kelley
Maybe they’ll be a little easier to sort out when new fabrics arrive for the shoppe… Moda’s at it again with Sample Spree from Spring Market and I ordered some amazing new fabrics! Limited quantities of pre-cuts are available before their official release; you can pre-order them now on my site! They'll ship to you as soon as I get them!! 
Simply Color by V and CO.

Tapestry by Fig Tree

Cuzco by Kate Spain

Chateau Rouge by French General

Marmalade by Bonnie and Camille

Vanessa Christensen of VandCo debuted her first line and it is scrumptious! There are also new designs from Bonnie and Camille, Kate Spain, Fig Tree and French General. Thinking about all of this new fabric makes me happy!

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  1. You do such wonderful work !!! Thank you for sharing them with us !

  2. Love them! Wish I was one of your kids!