Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1st? Really? Where did May go???? Well I guess May was so busy it just literally flew by…

I’m so proud of this girl! Kimberley graduated from High School and she’s on her way to college this fall. She’ll join big sister Kathrine in the ranks of being a grown-up and now there’s only 3 left to go. I’m not sure what I’ll do when they are all gone…you hear it all the time that they grow up too fast and this is very, very true :(
(I plan on just keeping them all forever and not letting them grow up but they are pretty much ignoring me. I’ve informed them that it is rude to ignore their mother but they are grown-ups now, remember? ;P)

Well, I’ll just suck them into my fabric madness and they won’t be able to leave! Kathrine helped a ton with this beauty…
Isn’t it just gorgeous?! Or should I say Luscious? Oh, and it’s big. And has cotton and wool batting so it is very heavy. And really, really warm. It’s new home is in Canada so I think that’s a good thing :D
Well, this big quilt has evolved with quite a bit of drama and my beloved Bernina ending up at the sewing machine doctor. Fortunately, it was not a serious problem and now all of those pesky computer upgrades it has needed for years are now taken care of! I get to pick her up tomorrow and I’m sooo excited! I’ve had a loaner machine that a good great fantastic friend let me borrow but I’m so glad I get to have mine back! It’s made me realize that maybe I’m a trifle spoiled with all of the wonderful things my machine does that I take for granted. It’s also made me realize that maybe I’m a trifle spoiled with the great friends I have…don’t worry, friends never get taken for granted (love ya, Bri!!!)

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