Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th!
I’m not superstitious so no big deal to me… 
in fact, I’m having a great day!

This is good news because
I had a little meltdown a few days ago.
Ok, it was a big meltdown and resulted in 
consumption of chocolate.
Not regular chocolate either, I had to get into the dark stuff to
suffocate the whimpering worrier in my head.

So stress is nothing new. Neither is homework. 
Yup, school is back in session and it is kicking my butt.
I’m tired, stressed and whiney... my poor family is sick of me,
I think they’re ready to kick me out!

So what’s so good about today??? My homework is done!
That, and I got some business-y things done so
we can get into our new shop space (hopefully) soon!

Oh! The new website is up @
If you haven't had a chance, go check it out... right now, I'll wait right here...

Isn't it gorgeous! I just love it! 
A big shout out and thank you to my hubby and the 
wonderful people at Like Sew Websites for making it 
exactly what I didn't know I wanted... 
I hope you love it too :)

To celebrate, I’m going to dust off my sewing machine and
start cranking out some bindings on a few charity quilts
that have been patiently waiting their turn.

Next, I might even cook dinner…
okay, well not let’s get crazy,
someone else can cook tonight, I’m quilting! :)

gratuitous Friday the 13th black cat pic... Enjoy!!!

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