Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Changing Seasons

The end of the Summer is coming. It’s hard to tell with the heat and the ridiculous humidity that we are experiencing in the High Desert of Southern California but it’s coming all the same.

The kids just went back to school. Usually that would mean that I’m going back to work at the elementary school.
But not this year.
That, too, is another change that is happening.

When I started quilting I was so excited to learn something new about sewing. I had been sewing clothing for years; wedding dresses for friends and family and then cute, ruffled dresses for my own sweet little girls. 
What a joy to see those I loved wearing things I had made for them!

I started quilting back in 2001; that is when my hubby bought me a Bernina embroidery machine.
A gift for our 10 year wedding anniversary.
Some girls want another ring… I wanted a fancy-schmancy sewing machine!

Classes came with this amazing machine.
(First, how to turn it on and make all of the computerized stuff work!)

One of these classes was a quilt class. 
I thought “Oh great, cut up a bunch of perfectly good fabric just to sew it back together and then tie it up with yarn. Fun.”
(The “fun” was thought with a great deal of sarcasm.)

But I was eager to learn something new so those classes were a must.
What began as a learning experience became a wonderful new hobby and then a passion.

That passion has brought me full-circle to where I am now.

For our 20th wedding anniversary I wanted yet another fancy-schmancy sewing machine. This time we didn’t shop at Bernina, we went to the Gammill dealer. 

(Shout out to Cranberry Quiltworks… even though you have changed I’ll always remember that’s where we met Gina!)

The long-arm quilting machine we bought then has given me the opportunity to push myself and learn new skills and turn this obsession hobby of mine into a business.
That’s why I can’t be at the elementary school anymore...
We are opening a quilt shop!!!

We’ve had a website for a few years and realized that our small business is taking over our home. The time has come to move Tops and Bobbins into its own space and reclaim the square footage it has taken over!

The website makeover I’ve been blogging about has been taking a bit longer to launch than we first thought it would. We decided to integrate the website and retail space so it has taken some extra adjustments and adding a POS system to keep inventory all straight.

I’m excited and nervous and excited (I think I said that already) but I know that change can be a good thing. 
So while I'll miss working with the awesome staff at the school (and even some of the students ;P ) I can’t wait to get this new plan rolling. 
I’m still going to finish the degree I’m working on at the college but I’m switching gears to business management instead.
Hopefully that will help me not screw it all up!

I'll keep you all posted of progress and a special, heartfelt Thank You to all of my cheerleaders out there... you know who you are! :)

Just think... all of this because I wanted a new sewing machine a few years ago...

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