Thursday, July 12, 2012

Busy, busy, busy...

It's been a busy couple of weeks...we had a wonderful Fourth of July at my sister's house...thanks Kathy and John! BBQ, swimming and lots of fun visiting with family and the kids getting to see their cousins :)

I've also managed to get two custom orders out the door! I was waiting for a fabric order on one so I started another and then the fabric I was waiting for finally (6 week back order...argh!) showed up so they ended up getting finished up together. Lots of back-to-back binding sessions! Not my favorite part of quilting but very satisfying to get done and on their way to their new homes :)
Creepy Alphabet

Lots of custom quilting! I've gotten so many requests for the Pirates quilt that I'm finally writing a pattern...Emily Taylor has a new Pirates line coming out this fall so I think it's a perfect time :)

I've also been working on those Ruby blocks for my quilt guild's BOM...

I was right! Once I got into that bucket of scraps I didn't want to stop! I still have some catching up to do as family time and other projects (and laundry) demand equal attention but I'm excited to see what the other blocks look like :)

Monday was an all day sewing day for Quilts of Valor and a children's charity that my quilt guild sponsors. We managed to get about a dozen quilts bound and ready to be delivered :)

Tuesday was my husband's birthday! We took a day off...had a fun day of antiquing (he let me pick what we were doing ;P), went to lunch and the kids made dinner. It was a nice, quiet, relaxing day in the middle of our hectic summer.

Now I'm just working on some last minute things and I'm off to a family reunion in Utah! Like I said, busy couple of weeks! We'll talk again when I get back...I should have more to share!

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