Wednesday, August 1, 2012

An Amusing Tea Party...

So it would appear that I am getting out of the habit of keeping my blog about quilting. This past week has been full of fun adventures with friends and quilting  projects for Quilts of Valor, but I'm not going to talk about those things. Instead 
I'm going to share the story of the Amusing Tea Party.

(Now, you are probably thinking that this will be similar to a fairy tale. If you think this, you are about to be disappointed.)

It all began last week when I received a beautiful, hand-written "cordial" invitation to a formal afternoon tea party hostessed by two of my lovely, teenage daughters. These two young ladies love nothing more than dressing up so I knew that they would look lovely even if nothing else went right. (My oldest daughter declined to attend as she is well aware of what happens at these lovely, little formal gatherings that her sisters love to plan.)

Well, promptly at three o'clock on Sunday afternoon I arrived at the formal venue (our kitchen table) which had been laid out with a beautiful table cloth, pretty, pink place mats and the good china (which I hope they washed and not just dusted off). There were delectable looking trays filled with cookies, cakes and fruit (aka: cookies, cakes, hard candy and gummy orange slices) and of course milk to wash said delectable treats down.

The young ladies invited me to sit down and two of us placed our napkins in our laps while one young lady proceeded to wear hers as a bib over her lovely dress. We conversed about the weather, our lovely ensembles, and of course tea parties in general. As two of us made gentle conversation, one young lady (the same one wearing her napkin like a bib) proceeded to dunk her cookies in her china tea cup full of milk (because after all, we were just at home and no one was going to see).

The conversation continued and many references were made to my favorite movie, "My Fair Lady". One young lady couldn't quite follow the conversation and replied to our movie observations with quotes and lyrics from Ozzy Osbourne songs. (Yes, you guessed it; the same young lady wearing the bib.)

As the conversation and milk flowed (I'm pretty sure the little creamer in the china set has never seen so much use) the party spiraled into the more absurd and a near sugar coma. The manners and giggling got worse, too. In the end, the lovely, formal tea party looked more like a trick-or-treat leftover swap attended by over dressed clowns. I'm glad there is no photographic evidence of this event, but I'll always treasure silly moments like this with my daughters. I love you so much and I'm so glad I get to be your mom! (Yes, even you in the bib:)

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